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  • About Us

    About ITC

    ISLAM TRADING COMPANY(PVT) LTD was founded to provide its customers with easy access to the finest electrical items. Our staff has extensive experience with modern Electric Concepts and State-of- the-art Technologies, Our People, and product they are most convenient with.

    Taking “Best Solution” as our starting point, we at ISLAM TRADING COMPANY(PVT )LTD are constantly involved in the development of daring and positive business activities. In line with our corporate statement “A Quality Family” it is our aim to continue to provide our clients with the best in cutting edge solutions.

  • Mission

    The hubergroup is one of the world’s five largest manufacturers of printing ink and related products. A combination of 36 companies worldwide, the hubergroup has more than 200 branch offices, sales offices, distributing warehouses and representatives worldwide.

  • Vision

    The Ink Academy was established for professional training on printing techniques and management processes. We offer you well-founded seminars that give a compact and relevant survey of the topics printing techniques and management processes.